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Job Overview

Since our founding in 2006 Trademark Tours has served hundreds of thousands of guests who take our tours to learn more about the best colleges and most historic sites in the country.

Most importantly, these visitors want to meet you and hear your story! How did you beat the odds? How did your high school experience prepare you for the life at America’s top Tech Institute? For competitive colleges in general? Our scripted tours not only educate guests but also put you front-and-center on stage to tell your personal story. Our training process gives you the skills to become a professional tour guide. Your experience as a guide gives you an increased understanding and context for the campus and city you call home.

We are searching for charismatic undergrads with an entrepreneurial spirit to join our team! We hope you consider applying today for one of our competitive job opportunities.

Job Details


Tour Wage: Our tour guides are among the highest paid undergrads at MIT, Harvard, and other Boston & New York area colleges. We pay a minimum of $20 per tour ($13+/hour). Guides also earn tips at the end of their tours. These tips are often double or triple the base wage. Performance-based bonuses also increase pay. For example, longer tours or more challenging groups yield additional compensation.

Tour Responsibilities

There really is no “average” day or shift for our tour guides. Guides sign up for the tours they are available to give. Our schedule typically posts one week in advance. The diversity of tours is part of the fun! Plus, our variety of tours helps guides improve public speaking, networking and storytelling abilities. Each tour or event is different and each group has different needs. Some tours start early in the morning and others end later in the evening. We typically have advance notice on our tours and will create guide schedules over a week in advance. However, it’s not unusual for us to receive last minute requests!

In addition, experienced tour guides have the opportunity to work with our Elite Education team on multi-day student summits and adult education programs. This can include escorting groups, leading lectures, and interacting with students from all around the world!

Eric J. – Four Seasons Boston

This is so great to offer visitors – and locals alike – a personal and first-hand account of what it’s like to be a student for 4 years on the prestigious campus. We really all loved the tour. We will strongly recommend your company to our residents and guests

Eric J. – Four Seasons Boston

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