The Mind Behind the Hahvahd Tour – An Interview with Daniel Andrew

The Mind Behind the Hahvahd Tour – An Interview with Daniel Andrew

Enjoy a new interview with Daniel Andrew! Trademark Tours Founder & CEO Andrew was recently named on of Groups Today’s 2017 Top 10 Next Generation of Leaders in Group Travel.

Now they’ve published a more in-depth interview which you can read an excerpt of below or check out the full interview with Daniel Andrew here

Learn all about what inspired the company into existence, and his goals for its future.

In 2006, Daniel Andrew, one of the Groups Today 2017 Top 10 Next Gens, founded Trademark Tours while a student at Harvard. In 2011, he founded City Wine Tours, bringing his knowledge of the touring industry to wine-lovers in Boston and New York. Today, his companies employ over 100 people.

What inspired your passion for travel?

As a child I had the good fortune to visit nearly all 50 states with my parents. We traveled in a Dodge Caravan hitched up to my grandfather’s 1960 pop-up camper. We drove that rig across the country on multiple trips from our Connecticut home to Montana, up and down the California coast, and even down to Florida and Key West. My parents showed us that the best parts of travel were found off the beaten path and by seeking insiders and experts.

One of the most fascinating experiences we had was when a retired Toledo, Ohio, firefighter bumped into us picnicking at a highway rest stop. He invited us to tour his firefighting school. These experiences with my family primed me for a life of seeking and delivering unique travel experiences.

How did you become involved in the group travel industry?

As a senior at Harvard I had a simple idea: Convince 10 tourists a day to pay me $10 each to show them around Harvard Yard. I figured that would be enough money to have a little summer fun before pursuing a “more serious” career. Little did I know how much demand there would be for a high-quality “insider tour.” Before long, I was fielding requests from tour operators from around the world. I was having so much fun that I never did pursue that “more serious” career. Eleven years later, and I’m still learning about the group travel industry every day.