Who is Your Harvard Celebrity Personality Match?

Who is Your Harvard Celebrity Personality Match?

Take a look at some of the famous faces who have passed through the halls of Harvard. Not all graduated, but they all left their mark. Read through the list and try to learn who your Harvard Celebrity Personality Match is! Tell us on twitter, @HahvahdTour!

Matt Damon

After Damon dropped out of Harvard he went on to become world famous and a Hollywood actor. He is also, however, extensively involved in humanitarian work. Matt Damon is the founder of the H2O Africa Foundation and is also involved in the formation of water.org as well as numerous other humanitarian programs including being a spokesperson for Feeding America and a founding member of the Not On Our Watch Project. Studly leading man with a gentle heart.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is far from your typical Hollywood starlet. She hit the mainstream in the Star Wars: Episode 1 prequel, but she was so studious she skipped the premiere so that she could study for her high school finals. Even after making a famous name for herself, she continued her education at, of course, Harvard University. Education and knowledge was more important than stardom.

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg also dropped out of Harvard, like Damon, to continue his work as founder and CEO of Facebook. He is universally described as an introvert by those who know him, often using that exact word. Before Facebook became a success, his habit was to move from project to project as the mood struck. He is considered by friends to be messy, especially in college. He has always prioritized his vision for the site’s minimalist aesthetic and usability over the need to make money or establish Facebook as a business. The artistic entrepreneur.

Conan O’Brien

Freedom is the key to Conan’s personality. Conan O’Brien loves travel, adventure, variety, and meeting new people, and he longs to experience all of life. While at Harvard, Conan was President of the Harvard Lampoon, a typical position for someone with his upbeat and often inspiring personality. Conan O’Brien makes friends easily and attracts people from all walks of life. He has a way with words and an uncanny ability to motivate others. Extrovert extraordinaire.

Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein had a compelling sense of herself as a spiritual being; a searcher and a seeker of truth. Much of Gertrude’s life was devoted to investigations into the unknown, and finding the answers to the mysteries of life. Stein enjoyed research and putting the pieces of an intellectual puzzle together. Stein was capable of highly creative insights and practical solutions to problems. Gertrude Stein enjoys her solitude and prefers to work alone.

Al Gore

When employing his considerable inner strength, Gore uncovers his enormous power and abilities to direct difficult situations toward his own goals. In truth, Al Gore is often the power behind the throne. Al Gore has the soul of an artist. He is extremely sensitive, perceptive, and a bit shy. These qualities are both his strengths and weaknesses, for while Gore possesses enormous sensitivity to his feelings and those of others, that same sensitivity can cause him to hold back and repress his considerable talents.

Rashida Jones

Similarly to Conan, Rashida Jones loves travel, adventure, variety and meeting new people, and she longs to experience all of life. Change is constant in her world, requiring adaptability and courage. With her upbeat and often inspiring personality, Rashida Jones makes friends easily and attracts people from all walks of life. She has a way with words and an uncanny ability to motivate others. Thus, if you are a “Rashida” you would be right at home in sales, advertising, publicity, promotion, politics or any profession that requires communication & interpersonal skills.