10 Things to Try Before Graduating from Harvard!

10 Things to Try Before Graduating from Harvard!

It’s Commencement time at Harvard, so we thought it would be a great time to check out the 10 things to try before graduating from Harvard! Take a look at all the amazing activities you should cross off your Hahvahd Bucket List before you walk back through Johnston Gate for the final time as a student. OR if you want to get the Harvard student experience for yourself, just start crossing off activities from this list! For example:

10. A snowball fight by the John Harvard statue: While the toe is probably best to stay away from (for sanitary reasons) it’s always a great time to gather in the winter for a snowball fight around Johnny!

Snowball fights were part of this year’s annual delivery of housing assignments to freshmen in Harvard Yard at Harvard University. Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

9. A burrito at El Jefe’s: One of the Hahvahd Tour‘s favorite partners and the perfect spot to help a late night study craving.

8. A run along the Charles River: The beautiful Charles is great to run and walk along, or you can rent a kayak and ride right down the river!

7. A forum event at the Institute of Politics: The IOP at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government hosts wonderful forums with former and current world leaders who provide valuable insight to attendees.

6. A study session in a carrel in the Widener Stacks: Widener Library the massive and gorgeous crown jewel of Harvard Yard contains quiet, private study carrels amidst the millions of books and you just can’t be true Harvard if you haven’t fallen asleep there once.

5. An intramural sport: Pick a sport – any sport! Harvard has access to it. Whether you like old standards like baseball football and soccer, or more unique athletics like quidditch and ultimate – we’ve got you covered.

4. A conversation on the Sever whispering arch: The architecture of Sever Hall includes a secret messaging system – the whispering arch on the front of the building transfers sound so clearly you can whisper on one end and someone will hear on the other.

3. A Harvard-Yale football game: As long as you are wearing the right colors…

2. A stroll through Boston Common: Boston Common downtown is a massive beautiful park, and the location of one of Boston’s earliest settlements. Today it’s home to protests, parades, and folks just looking to relax.

1. A Classroom-to-Table dinner with a professor: This one you will have a hard time with unless you are a student, but it’s one of the best perks. Classroom to Table program allows students to have a dinner out with a professor. A great way to get some face time, learn, and of course get an amazing free meal!

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